Recreation Area


At Bodhi Taru, learning takes place outside the classroom as much as inside it. We understand that children need to be continuously stimulated with fun challenges and activity breaks so that they do not become bored with the learning process. We have allocated two separate areas when students can recharge themselves in a fun and safe way.

The Activity Room

The Activity Room is a large room full of engaging, child-friendly murals, where students can take part in various activities under the guidance of their teachers. The room is equipped with a number of learning aids and educative, gender-neutral toys that encourage them to use their imagination and to share and play peacefully with each other. The Activity Area also has a small platform which acts as a stage for younger students to put up skits, dance solos, or elocutions. Children can use this podium to practice performing and speaking in front of small audiences (such as their classmates) and thus overcome stage fright.

Play area

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that playing is a waste of time for children. Healthy play not only enhances the physical fitness of children, it teaches them the value of healthy competition, sporting spirits, teamwork, and the ability to win or lose with grace.

The Play Area is a sizeable and safe space where children can release their excessive energy without the fear of getting hurt. It has swings, see-saws, a slide, and a trampoline. It is of a size that can be fully supervised and yet give small children enough room to run and caper around freely without falling on each other.