At Bodhi Taru, our mission is to nurture the individuality of each child alongside sculpting a sense of social identity. We aim to:

  • Foster the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual development of our students to ensure that they grow into healthy, intelligent, and ethical citizens of tomorrow, capable of both critical thought and empathy.
  • Identify and hone the unique talents of each one of our students, enabling them to take ownership for their learning and growth, to be proud of their achievements and simultaneously aware of the challenges ahead of them, and to approach problems in a versatile manner—undaunted by the possibility of failure.
  • Edify our students not to merely tolerate differences but celebrate them, by providing a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, pluralistic, and egalitarian learning environment that mirrors the diversity of our nation and our world.
  • Equip our students to be members of a truly global community, with an inherent respect for the languages, customs, and cultures of others, while valuing their own traditions.
  • Instil in our students love and awe for nature, and an instinct to preserve and protect the legacy of our natural environment.
  • Emphasize on the teaching of Mathematics and Science—the building blocks of the future, and also just as much on Humanities and Liberal Arts, which help children to understand the world they live in and motivate them to make it a better, more just, more democratic place.
  • Provide cutting edge technologies in innovative teaching to facilitate the holistic development of students.
  • Ensure that learning is a fun and engaging activity with fresh challenges for both teachers and students, and that they look forward to coming to school every day.
  • Develop a collaborative system of learning that involves not only students and their teachers but also their families and their communities.
  • Create a school environment that is like a home away from home—safe, secure, clean, and free from distractions.
  • Build an atmosphere where teachers and other staff enjoy their jobs and have optimal opportunity to flourish in their careers.