A book is a child's ticket to the whole universe, and a reading habit developed at an early age stands her or him in good stead throughout life. Our library has over 500 volumes and the number is steadily increasing. Apart from books of knowledge and facts and inspirational books by and about the most motivational people of our times, the library also boasts of a very decent collection different genres of fiction. The library also includes other reading materials like magazines on science and nature and audio-visual aids for an all-round experience.

We have a team of friendly, knowledgeable library staff who are not only happy to help students find and discover books they would like, but also make age-appropriate recommendations and introduce children to books that could become lifetime favourites. We also have a Story Corner with read-aloud sessions for younger students and the very popular Bookworm Club where bibliophiles among the students can discuss the books they are reading, give reviews and reports, and suggest books to their peers.