Early Childhood Education


The years between one and four make up the most formative period of a person’s life. One’s habits, tastes, and inclinations all germinate in these few years, which is why Early Childhood Education (ECE) plays such an important role in the overall development of a child.

At Bodhi Taru, we have developed, with the help of highly qualified and trained educationists, an ECE programme for Nursery and Kindergarten (KG) that lets the child develop her or his first learning skills. It has also been our aim to avoid overburdening small children because we believe that the natural growth process in toddlers should be allowed to happen unhampered. By giving them ample time for fun and activities and using the concept of play itself as a learning tool, we ensure that our young achievers have a joyful, fruitful, and very constructive early childhood. The development areas we focus on are:

Cognitive Skills

Students of Nursery and KG are taught about the colours, textures, and volumes of objects by physically interacting with them. They are encouraged to solve simple puzzles themselves and build structures out of blocks. They are taught to use all five senses to understand the world around them.

Motor Skills

Very young children are only just becoming aware of their bodies and how to move them. The ECE programme at Bodhi Taru lets children remain active in a safe environment by indulging them in kids games like hide-n-seek and getting them involved and interested in more organized sports and activities like cricket, football, and aerobics.

Language and Arithmetic Skills

Language and Maths are the two pillars on which the foundation of a student’s entire education lies. In the ECE programme at Bodhi Taru, we introduce small children to the world of numbers and words in a way that fascinates them rather than intimidates them. Through rhymes, stories, songs, and skits, we nurture a love for language in our students. Allowing them to count objects with their own hands and add and subtract actual toys makes numbers a fun part of their lives rather than vague and unclear concepts.

Social Interaction Skills

At Bodhi Taru, we build upon the natural ability of children to play together in harmony. Students are taught to communicate with each other with politeness and respect, work in groups, lead, follow, and share. The importance of acceptance and inclusion is stressed. Simultaneously, in keeping with our firm belief that each child is unique, students are also shown how to stand apart from the crowd, explain their points of view with logic and precision, take a stand with honesty and integrity, and be themselves even as they are part of a greater group.

Creative Skills

There is nothing in this world more creative and imaginative than a small child. It is our goal to help children hold on to this creativity even as they grow up. Arts and crafts, storytelling, music, and dance help the students recognize their own talents and pick up new hobbies that they can develop upon as they grow up.