Day Care


Bodhi Taru offers excellent day care facilities for children of ages between 20 months and seven years.

The crèche facility, for the care of children below three years of age, includes supervision of mealtime, naptime, and playtime by experienced and trained nannies. Toddlers are given special care and are encouraged to play educative and formative games with each other and are taught basics like shapes, numbers, alphabets, and rhymes in a fun way.

The day boarding facility, for older students of Bodhi Taru, gives children a place to rest, study, and play after school hours in a safe and child-friendly environment. Children are assisted with homework and studies, encouraged to play age-appropriate games and sports, given time to practice healthy hobbies such as reading, drawing, scrapbooking, and dancing, and also provided a quiet, comfortable area to rest and nap in.

Day care facility is available from 8am to 7pm on all working weekdays.