Age Criteria

For admission to Bodhi Taru International School, children have to meet the stipulated age requirements as on 1 March of that year. The minimum age cut-off for each grade is mentioned in the table below. The stipulated age limit may be relaxed at the discretion of the School Admission Committee based on past academic achievements of the child and her/his performance in our testing procedures, provided the child has graduated from a recognized school.

Standard Age Standard Age
Nursery 2+ years Std. VI 10+ years
Kindergarten 3+ years Std. VII 11+ years
Prep 4+ years Std. VIII 12+ years
Std. I 5+ years
Std. II 6+ years
Std. III 7+ years
Std. IV 8+ years
Std. V 9+ years

Entry Criteria for Admission

1. Admission will be granted to a child on the basis of assessment of age and other parameters.
2. Concept test will be based on expected key knowledge for every Standard.
3. The child needs to be present in person for the written test and interaction.
4. No test will be conducted for admission to Nursery, Kindergarten, and Prep.
5. The proximity of residence to school parameter shall be taken into consideration.
6. Special consideration shall be made for siblings of existing students.

Conditions for Refusal of Admission

1. Admission can be refused on the basis of multiple factors, including but not limited to:

a. Non-availability of seats
b. Inadequate performance in admission tests
c. Age of child

2. In matters of rejection of application form, the decision of the School Admission Committee is final and may not be questioned. The Committee is not liable to provide a reason for such rejection, though it may do so at its own discretion.