Class Rooms


A properly designed classroom is like a spaceship that takes children on an adventure in learning every day. At Bodhi Taru, we believe that the study environment is one of the most crucial factors for successful and stress-free learning. Our classrooms are resplendent with soothing and vibrant colours and child-friendly, inspirational, and fun motifs. They are well-lit, well-ventilated, and air-conditioned. They are spacious enough for each student to enjoy personal space, and acoustically sound so that the teacher’s voice can reach the very back of the class and no student is left out of class participation.

To ensure that students remain free from distractions, rooms have also been made soundproof. Each classroom comes equipped with its own mini-library, group-work area, cubby holes, and first-aid kits. The walls are decorated with friendly murals, posters, and paintings. Moreover, students are encouraged to take ownership for keeping their classrooms clean and tidy, and to adorn their walls with their own artwork.