POCSO cell


In order to ensure due compliance of the Protection of Child from Sexual Offence Act, 2012 a POCSO Cell has been established at Bodhi Taru International School and following are the members:-

Core comittee:- The POCSO Cell consist of the following members.

Sr.No. Name Designation Email id
1. Ms. Sadhana Malik Principal principal@bodhitarugrnoida.com
2. Ms. Preeti Sachdeva Coordinator examinations@bodhitarugrnoida.com
3. Ms. Divya Upadhyay PRT std.iibodhi@gmail.com
4. Ms. Priyanka Dwivedi PRT bbodhitaru@gmail.com
5. Mr. Vikas Yadav Admin Officer info@bodhitarugrnoida.com
6. Mr. Sandeep Yadav Manager sjpyadav@gmail.com